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Myopia Matters: Look out for the early warning signs of myopia

If a child is myopic, they will often shy away from activities, sitting more closely to things they wish to see. Many myopic patients develop

Helping parents see the big picture – why your kids need a regular eye test

Each year one in five children will head back to school with an undetected vision problem, despite the majority (79%) of Australian parents believing their children

Child myopia: Top four
tips to protect your child’s

As a child grows, his or her vision passes through key developmental phases which are profoundly integrated with their overall development.  Vision can therefore often become the key to understanding how your child is progressing through developmental milestones.

Myopia Management. What is it and why is it important?

Myopia is an eye health condition which causes blurry distance vision (short-sightedness). It usually starts during childhood, typically

Childhood myopia – should it be managed or treated?

myopia managed treated

The potential for future vision loss is alarming, so initiatives that highlight the rise of child myopia and how it can be managed, not just treated

A focus on child myopia. What can I do to help my child?

Parents can take positive steps to be aware of the condition and what they can do to help manage their child’s eyesight.

Device Time – is it impacting your child’s sight?

We realise that many children have undergone dramatic changes in their lives since the COVID-19 situation changed the world.

More Green Time Less Screen Time

We have all experienced significant change to our daily life this year, some changes we have embraced, and some has been challenging.

Myopia: Signs to look out for

The first symptom of myopia for parents to be aware of is if their child has difficulty reading road signs and seeing distant objects clearly, although she or he would be able to see well for close-up tasks such as reading and computer use.

Time for a check up? Time to book and eye examination

Routines can be a way of teaching younger children healthy habits, like brushing their teeth, getting some exercise, or washing …